The first Timperley Country Fair was held in September 1983 – a group of Timperley Village Traders got together to arrange a Community Fair on land (Larkhill, Thorley Lane) in the centre of Timperley Village.


From 1984 other local people joined in the organising committee and gradually the links with the traders became less – Ian Hedgecox (P.S Rooks) remained involved until his business was sold in 2007.


In 1992 a Craft Show was introduced to add an opportunity for both children and adults to participate and show their skills.

The Timperley Country Fair has been held every year since except:

2000 – The committee was not of a sufficient size to organise the Fair.

2001 – Cancelled because the new Larkhill Centre was being built.

2005 – Issues around the provision of toilets, led to uncertainties and the cancellation.

2020- Cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic 

2021 - hours extended to 5 pm


Developments over the years

1992 - Craft Show introduced.

2009 - Timperley Horticultural Society Flower & Veg Show on-site the same day.

2010 - Introduction of small businesses to the stalls.

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